CHRYSO®Dem Xtra 252

Delayed mould release agent

CHRYSO®Dem Xtra 252 is a delayed ready-to-use mould release agent. Sprayed onto the surface of a metallic mould, it ensures easy mould release on all concrete after the concrete has hardened.

Applied on metal formwork, CHRYSO®Dem Xtra 252 allows for high quality concrete surface while reducing the maintenance needs on formwork.

CHRYSO®Dem Xtra 252 helps prevent rust stains on the formwork to transfer on concrete surface. In addition, rust stains on the mould can be eliminated with the use of CHRYSO®Dem Xtra 252.

To prevent the potential reappareance of rust stains on formworks over time, CHRYSO®Dem Xtra 252 should be used repeatedly.

The anticorrosion performance of the product is depending on many external factor and should be tested onsite.

Application domain

  • Precast
  • Any concrete delayed mould-release, including strongly steam-cured ones
  • Poured concrete


  • 20 L bucket
  • 200 L drum
  • 1000 L IBC

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