Innovation focuses

The construction industry calls for a continuous evolution of techniques and solutions to achieve high challenges in performance, resiliency and sustainability. CHRYSO has been focusing on key drivers of the construction industry to align its innovation pipeline. By combining its customer-driven approach with its innovation capability, CHRYSO has developed a strong ever-renewed range of technologies. Bringing value-added solutions and services to sustain its clients’ needs and objectives.

Concrete embodied carbon reduction

Concrete Embodied Carbon Reduction

Building material performance & resiliency enhancement

Building Material Performance & Resiliency Enhancement

Construction Challenges Achievement

Circular construction acceleration

Circular Construction Acceleration

As part of the new Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals Business Unit, CHRYSO & GCP are now joining forces to accelerate innovation for concrete performance improvements and sustainability.

Combining the strengths and resources of both organizations allows us to provide our customers across the world with the most advanced and disruptive solutions.

Leveraging our advanced know-how in polycarboxycate polymer design with our combined concrete mix design expertise to develop cutting-edge water reducing admixtures, is a key success factor for reducing concrete CO2 and costs.

Our merged products and services now represent a fantastic set of solutions to curb CO2 at the source, from the quarry through the cement production and the concrete applications to concrete recycling from the deconstruction.

Tailor-made solutions from the latest technologies

You will benefit from a comprehensive range of innovative solutions dedicated to improve concrete performance, production, workability, aesthetics, and carbon footprint.

Our Technical team works closely with our R&D experienced research and application scientists, equipped with state-of-the-art tools, equipment and chemistries to develop cutting-edge solutions for you based on your unique requirements and materials. 

Our R&D Team in Manila, supported by our Central Innovation Lab in France, allow accelerating the development of differentiating solutions meeting the challenges of our local market.

Scientists conducting testing

Close technical support

We support our customers in the field and through our laboratories in Manila.


You will be assisted in trouble-shooting any problems or issues with your concrete or materials at your site and in our labs by our Technical & Sales teams.


Our highly qualified technicians and engineers, have strong experience within the concrete industry and are able to support you with your technical challenges. Utilizing the latest tests and technologies.

    • Cement/admixture compatibility
    • Physical properties of cement
    • Pozzolanic activity index
    • Aggregate analysis
    • Concrete mix design optimization

Assisting you in your daily operations

Our dispenser service personnel will work with the management of your facility to determine the best equipment required and the exact location of each set of equipment.

Our team will take care of installing, calibrating and maintaining your new dispenser systems to ensure accurate and trouble-free admixture dispensing operations. We provide an efficient system with a user-friendly interface between the dispensing equipment and your batch plant computers, for fast adaptation by your operators.

You will be able to rely anytime on our local DST team in case of any problem.

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