Made in the Philippines

Our production unit, situated in Manila, along with our warehouses in Cebu and Davao, provide national market coverage to our customers. Each of our units are designed, engineered and managed to use locally sourced raw materials, optimize quality and meet our demanding sustainability KPIs.

A comprehensive expertise from our laboratories to our customers’ sites

We have a laboratory in our production site supporting our market across the Philippines, equipped with the latest state-of-the- art tools, we conduct extensive testing to ensure the most optimized formulations to meet our customer’s precise requirements taking account intricacy of local raw materials and mix design. Our Research and Development Center, extensively equipped and manned by research specialists ensures CHRYSO Philippine Inc’s commitment as a leading innovator in the launch of new technologies to meet local demands across the core business segments of Cement, Concrete and Construction Systems.

Our raw materials and production are controlled internally to meet our quality standards and product standards (NF for example). The traceability of each batch is established to be able to respond to any possible problem.

Our laboratory also coordinates with a 3rd party that analyzes all aqueous effluent from the factory in order to manage our discharges with as little environmental impact as possible.

At CHRYSO Philippines Inc, our specialist technical teams, extensively trained on specific sector solutions, are readily available to support our customers in the field to ensure customers current and future demands are met.

At CHRYSO Philippines Inc we are committed to communicating the very latest innovations to our market segments, supplying the technical training and know how to ensure our customers have the latest tools and technologies at the fingertips.

We deliver our solutions for cement, concrete and construction systems all over the Philippines in both bulk and/or standard packaging to meet our customers’ needs. CHRYSO Philippines Inc offers ancillary services to support and facilitate bulk inventories. Our drivers are trained on our product portfolio and Safety procedures to ensure chemical compatibility and safe delivery with respect for the environment.



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