CHRYSO®Dem Eco 10S

Delayed mould release agent

CHRYSO®Dem Eco 10S is produced without solvent, from vegetable raw materials. The answer for fast and clean stripping of forms in the mould, ideal for the precast manufacturers who require fast-pace production of concrete precast.

It comes in a very light color, odorless form oil, which is notably of high quality and easy to use.

Application domain

  • Cleaning of coated steel formworks and moulds
  • Prestressed concrete
  • Precast
  • Pipe washers


CHRYSO®Dem Eco 10S being water-resistant, prevents rain wash off and can be used effectively on steel and glass forms.

Once concrete has hardened, forms treated properly with CHRYSO®Dem Eco 10S can be easily removed. It also minimizes concrete deposits and almost eliminates heavy form chipping, or wire brushing.

Minor labor will be required to prepare the forms for re-use. By using correct concrete design and vibration if needed, will minimize any end product surface repair.


  • 20 L bucket
  • 200 L drum
  • 1000 L IBC

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