CHRYSO®Dem Aqua 22S

Release agent

CHRYSO®Dem Aqua 22S is made up of paraffin waxes that allow easy placing of concrete during vibration. The entrapped air escapes easily and has a favorable influence on the appearance of the release concrete. Facings are smooth, bright and free of veining.

CHRYSO®Dem Aqua 22S is recommended when it is necessary to have a bubble-free surface on grey or white concrete.

While improving the visual appearance of the concrete facing. CHRYSO®Dem Aqua 22S will allow the future application of rendering and paint according to the conditions defined by the professional practice rules for the application of coatings.

Application domain

  • Precast
  • Self consolidating concrete
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • High Performance Concrete – Very High Performance Concrete
  • Prestressed concrete
  • Pipe washers


CHRYSO®Dem Aqua 22S which is mostly used in wood and steel forms, provides a rust-proofing film that makes the metal form self-cleaning and rust-free.

In pre-stress, pre-cast, and pipe manufacturing plants, CHRYSO®Dem Aqua 22S can keep form beds clean. Concrete finished products will be stain-free and contain fewer air and moisture voids. Forms in continuous production service should be coated with CHRYSO®Dem Aqua 22S before every use. Stored steel forms should be treated after the last casting and again immediately before being put back to service to prevent rust buildup.




  • 20 L bucket
  • 200 L drum
  • 1000 L IBC

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