CHRYSO®Optima 240S

New Generation Superplasticizer

CHRYSO®Optima 240S is a new generation superplasticizer with very high water reduction capability based on modified polycarboxylate and synthetic polymers.

Thanks to its specifically designed molecular structure, CHRYSO®Optima 240S enables the concrete manufacturer to produce cohesive, low viscous concrete with long workability retention and low air content.

CHRYSO®Optima 240S has been developed to maintain fresh concrete workability without compromising the setting time.

CHRYSO®Optima 240S enables the production of self-leveling concrete.

Application domain

  • All cement types
  • Plastic or fluid concretes
  • Concrete with workability retention
  • Extended workability retention
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • White or plain concretes
  • High performance Concrete – Very High Performance Concrete – Ultra High Performance Concrete


  • CHRYSO®Optima 240S allows concrete with an important workability to be obtained, while reducing strongly the water/cement ratio.
  • Enhances the workability retention of concrete particularly in hot climates.
  • The dispersion properties of CHRYSO®Optima 240S allow the user to optimise the cement content when a specified mechanical strength is required.


  • 20 L bucket
  • 200 L drum
  • 1000 L IBC

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