Water resisting admixture

CHRYSO®Fuge E chemically reacts with the free lime in cement to form pore blocking solids, which prevent the pore capillary action within concrete. Concrete and mortar treated with CHRYSO®Fuge E have increased resistance to water penetration, either by capillary action or under pressure.

CHRYSO®Fuge E does not significantly modify the characteristics of fresh or hardened concrete.

CHRYSO®Fuge E is compatible with all CHRYSO®Optima, Premia and CHRYSO®Omega ranges of water reducers.

Application domain

  • Mineral rendering
  • Pipes
  • Marine construction
  • Precast
  • etc


  •  Use of CHRYSO®Fuge E and CHRYSO®Optima will significantly reduce water    absorption and chloride ion ingress.
  •  Integral waterproofing even if surfaces are damaged.
  •  Low environmental impact.
  •  Suitable with all cement types: OPC, SRC and cement replacement materials GGBS, PFA, SFA and microsilica.


  • 20 L bucket
  • 215 L drum
  • 1000 L IBC

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