Curing Agent
Water based

CHRYSO®Cure ST-DB is a supreme quality membrane-forming, ready to use, white emulsion of specially blended synthetic waxes based for application on fresh concrete, mortar and other cement coverings.

Application domain

  • Protection of elements with a high surface / volume ratio: concrete slabs, roads, concrete highway
  • All cement based elements subject to unacceptable dessiccation
  • Precast walling
  • Protection of concrete and mortar subject to adverse drying effects at early age (high ambient temperature, wind)


CHRYSO®Cure ST-DB forms a protective film when drying, which retains sufficient moisture in the concrete to ensure full hydration of the cement; essential for optimum strength development. The film act as a De- bonding layer between initial and subsequent concrete pours.

  •  Eliminates the need for water.
  •  Single application.
  •  Promotes a harder dust free surface.
  •  Cured film is clear and water repellent.
  •  High curing efficiency.
  •  Water based

This enables effective hydration of the cement particles and limits early age cracking and drying shrinkage. After Initial setting of concrete, the surface is treated with this which offers a better resistance to abrasion. A surface treated with CHRYSO®Cure ST-DB is initially white in order to easily identify the coated areas. Also offers protection against ‘burning’ of the fresh concrete surface, which is exposed to strong solar radiation. Easy and safe to apply.


  • 200 L drum

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