Evaporation Reducing Agent
Water based

CHRYSO®Cure EBA 20 is a ready to use hydrophobic and elastic polymer based curing agent for application on fresh concrete, mortars, and other cement based coatings and on recently demoulded concrete. It is specially formulated for curing fresh concrete immediately after the finishing operation.

CHRYSO®Cure EBA 20 effectively plugs the capillary ends of the surface of concrete thus preventing water loss during the critical hardening period. This results in thorough hydration of cement, less tendency to develop plastic shrinkage cracks and reduced permeability. It is white when applied but dries to clear film.

CHRYSO®Cure EBA 20 doesn’t require any removal (sanding or grinding) due to its water-based technology.

Application domain

  • Protection of elements with a high surface / volume ratio: concrete slabs, roads, concrete highway
  • Interblocking paving blocks
  • All cement based elements subject to unacceptable dessiccation
  • Precast walling
  • Protection of concrete and mortar subject to adverse drying effects at early age (high ambient temperature, wind)
  • Precast sound-proof walls for motorways


  •  Dramatically Forms an efficient moisture barrier for optimum curing of concrete.
  •  Milky white emulsion which dries to a transparent film.
  •  Allows cement to hydrate properly.
  •  Reduces tendency of concrete to crack and dust.
  •  Eases trowel finishing and improves the surface finish


  • 20 L bucket
  • 200 L drum
  • 1000 L IBC

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