CHRYSO®Aquabeton L10

Anti-water logging admixture

CHRYSO®Aquabeton L10 is a new generation liquid anti-washout admixture designed for the underwater placement of concrete and grout.



Application domain

  • All cement types
  • Underwater concreting
  • Underwater stone blockage
  • Marine construction
  • Bridge piers
  • Precast products for structure and façade purpose in smooth concrete


  •  CHRYSO®Aquabeton L10 allows for superior resistance to washout of cementitious materials and fine aggregates, while impeding the blending of external water into the plastic concrete.
  •  Concrete manufactured with CHRYSO®Aquabeton L10 exhibit superior cohesiveness properties while remaining easy to pump and place.
  •  CHRYSO®Aquabeton L10 is compatible with most CHRYSO water reducers.


  • 200 L drum
  • 1000 L IBC

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