Omega 80s is an admixture made specifically for Philippine conditions and requests from major batching plants.

When Chryso entered the market, the idea was to custom make an admixture to be able to address the perennial problem of high heat, high humidity, and excessive traffic in Manila.




We surveyed the biggest concrete batching plants ( minimum production of 1M cubic meters per annum) and asked them what demand or characteristics that they want in an admixture.

Some of these are:

  • High slump retention and workability in 35 degrees celsius weather and 70 percent humidity
  • Initial setting time of greater than 300 minuites using a Vicat apparatus
  • High water reduction of 12-15%
  • High and consistent strength increase
  • Compatible with all major locally produced cement in the country
  • Product availablilty 
  • Great customer service


What Chryso Philippines did was to meet and exceed all their requirements and created OMEGA 80S.


OMEGA 80S is a superplasticizing, water reducing, retarding, new generation plasticizer that conforms with ASTM C 494 Type G, AASHTO M 194 Type G, and CRD C 87 Type G.



Market Specification Market Specification

Some benefits of OMEGA 80S are:

  • High slump and flow without increasing water content
  • No segregation
  • No bleeding
  • Extended slump retention and plasticity
  • Maintains normal setting characteristics
  • Enhances finish and surface quality
  • Increased concrete quality by reducing water to cement ratio at a given workability
  • Improves compressive strength
  • Increases pumpability
  • Increases early and ultimate strength
  • Reduces cracking and shrinkage
  • Reduces permeability and durability
  • Doesnt contain chlorides to contribute in the deterioration of reinforcing steel


We do accept packing these in smaller containers