CHRYSO®AMC 12 is a grinding aid that is specially designed for raw meal in both vertical mill and ball mills.

CHRYSO®AMC 12 is a ready to use liquid grinding aid that may be applied onto the feed conveyor belt. A dosing pump is required in order to introduce the correct dosage into the mill.


Physical and chemical properties

Colour: Clear To amber

Specific gravity (@20 deg C):  1,020 (±0,010)

pH (@20 deg C) 2 to 4



It is suggested that 0,3 l to 0,8 l of CHRYSO®AMC 12 is used per tonne of raw feed.

Industrial trials are required to determine the optimum dosage. Please note that dosage in excess of 1,2 l per tonne should be avoided.




CHRYSO®AMC 12 is guaranteed for 12 months starting from the manufacturing date, provided noother chemicals are added to it.

The product should be stored away from the rain, in clean, dry tanks. Further this product will not freeze above -15 deg C.


Health and safety
This product is classifed as corrosive. CHRYSO will provide onsite assistance when requested. Refer to the material safety data sheet 
  • Increased mill production (6% to 12%) depending on the efficiency of the grinding installation and the characteristics of the raw material to be ground.
  • Reduced grinding energy costs
  • Improved flow characteristics of raw feed before, during and after storage.
  • Improved Clinker quality
  • Improved particle size distribution (kiln feed).
  • Improved burnability due to improved PSD.



Bulk tanker loads


1 000 litre containers