PRIMEDRI is a finely pulverized powder that contains special water-repelling compounds. It is combined with cement in a certain design mix of the concrete. 




PRIMEDRI is used for waterproofing concrete structures that should have in them essential water-repelling properties. The more common of these structures are water tanks, roof decks, basements, swimming pools, and walls. 




The simple procedure involved that guarantees waterproofing in the foundation of any concrete structure to be built is as follows: 

Use (one) 1kg pack of PRIMEDRI for every bag of cement. Thoroughly combine the cement, sand, gravel and water required in the design mix. Add the PRIMEDRI last and mix again.


 When the PRIMEDRI has blended with the design mix, it produces the water-repelling chemistry beneath the pores of the concrete. Thus, the whole bulk of the concrete is rendered safe from absorbing moisture. 




The maximum effectiveness of PRIMEDRI depends highly on the dosage used. Thus, the dosage of 1 kg of PRIMEDRI for every 40 kg bag of cement must be followed. 




The PRIMEDRI pack should be opened only upon usage. It should remain sealed and should be kept in a dry place to achieve the maximum performance of the product. 




PRIMEDRI comes in packs of plastic bags containing 1kg net weight. PRIMEDRI is also packed in woven polypropylene bags with net weight of 25 kg for use in massive concreting works.