PRIMEFORM OBP is the answer for fast and clean stripping of forms in the mould, ideal for the precast manufacturers who require fast-pace production of concrete precast. It comes in a very light color, odorless form oil, which is notably of high quality and easy to use. 





PRIMEFORM OBP being water-resistant, prevents rain wash off and can be used effectively on steel and glass forms. 

Once concrete has hardened, forms treated properly with PRIMEFORM OBP can be easily removed. It also minimizes concrete deposits and almost eliminates heavy form chipping, or wire brushing. 

Minor labor will be required to prepare the forms for re-use. By using correct con-crete design and vibration if needed, will minimize any end product surface re-pair. 



Colour: Yellowish liquid 

Flash Point: Above 200°C 

Specific Gravity: 0.88 

Viscosity 25°C: 77 cps 



Surface Preparation 

The whole form surface should be thoroughly cleaned prior to application of PRIMEFORM OBP . Remove dust, dirt, and concrete leftovers. Failure to do so will reflect these impurities in the finished product. 

Method of Application 

PRIMEFORM OBP may be applied easily and quickly by brush, roller or spray equip-ment. Concrete can now be poured immediately after PRIMEFORM OBP has been applied. 



1 liter = approx. 20—50 sq. m. (depends on porosity and texture of mould surface). 



Market Specification Market Specification

PRIMEFORM OBP which is mostly used in steel forms, provides a rust-proofing film that makes the metal form self-cleaning and rust-free. 

In pre-stress, pre-cast, and pipe manufacturing plants, PRIMEFORM OBP can keep form beds clean. Concrete finished products will be stain-free and contain fewer air and moisture voids. Forms in continuous production service should be coated with PRIMEFORM OBP before every use. Stored steel forms should be treated after the last casting and again immediately before being put back to ser-vice to prevent rust buildup. 


200 liter drums or 20 liter carbouys