PRIMEFORM FA is arguably the best, most reliable, and cost effective form re-lease agent in the market today. With continuous use, PRIMEFORM FA protects both the form and the concrete product by leaving a thin, water resistant film that protects coated surfaces from the elements. 





PRIMEFORM FA being water-resistant, preventing rain wash off and can be used effectively on all kinds of forms like wood, steel, concrete, etc. 

Once concrete has hardened, forms treated properly with PRIMEFORM FA can be easily removed. It also minimizes concrete deposits and almost eliminates heavy form chipping, or wire brushing.

Minor labor will be required to prepare the forms for reuse. By using correct concrete design and vibration if needed, will minimize any end product surface repair. 



Surface Preparation 

The whole form surface should be thoroughly cleaned prior to application of PRIMEFORM FA. Remove dust, dirt, and concrete leftovers. Failure to do so will reflect these impurities in the finished product. 

Method of Application 

PRIMEFORM FA may be applied easily and quickly by brush, spray, swab, or dip methods. The choice of convenience and cost should dictate the method of application.

After cleaning the form or mold, we suggest that the form release be applied evenly with a brush or better yet, with an industrial sprayer. Industrial sprayers are readily available at your local hardware. ACE and HANDYMAN hardware seem to have it on stock all year round. It is widely used as a pest sprayer and the big ones are called backpack sprayers and are made of aluminum or plastic. 

After applying the form release, let PRIMEFORM FA settle and dry completely for about 15 minutes depending on weather conditions. Based on our experience, on a hot and sunny day, the film dries up in about 5 minutes. 

When the film is dry, it produces a light white milk-like colored dry film. When this can be visually confirmed, you are ready to pour your concrete. Failure of letting the product dry may result in the poured concrete to stick to the forms.

Let the concrete dry and remove the forms. Concrete setting time will depend on your design mix and concrete thickness. 

After removing the concrete, clean the forms by removing and scraping all impurities. You are now ready to re apply PRIMEFORM FA on the forms for storage or reuse.



Color- White creamy

Specific Gravity- 1.03 +- .01

Boiling Point 102.6 deg Celsius

pH- 7.3 @ 25 deg Celsius

Shelf life- 1 year



1 Liter covers approximately 35 square meters. (Coverage depends on the porosity of your forms)


Market Specification Market Specification

PRIMEFORM FA increases the life of wood forms by penetrating into the wood’s grain protecting the wood from early decay. 

In pre-stress, pre-cast, and pipe manufacturing plants, PRIMEFORM FA can keep form beds clean. Concrete finished products will be stain-free and contain fewer air and moisture voids. 

Forms in continuous production service should be coated with PRIMEFORM FA before every use. 

Stored steel forms should be treated after the last casting and again immediately before being put back to service to prevent rust buildup. 


Available in gallons, 20 liter plastic pails, 200 liter steel drums, 1000 liter IBCs