PRIME-AER is a neutralized solution that is added to the batching water, and subsequently to the concrete. It comes in a ready-to-use, clear, dark brown liquid form. 




When added to the concrete mix, PRIME-AER introduces billions of microscopic air bubbles that act like ball bearings which consequently improves the workability of the plastic mix. The-se spheroids of air enhance the internal movement of the rigid ingredients of the mixture, thus lessening the need for water as a lubricant. For a given slump, the unit water content may be reduced from about 7 to 11 liters per cubic meter. The entrained air provides increased re-sistance to: Repeated freezing and thawing cycles, to the action of frost and deicing salts, sul-fate, sea, and alkaline waters. 




The normal dosage varies between 0.5 to 1 fluid ounce(14 TO 28 Ml) per bag of cement to ob-tain the desired percentage of air to be entrained which is usually between 4 to 8%. PRIME-AER should be dispensed by a dispenser that us capable of +/- 3% accuracy. It should be dis-pensed into the last half of the water in the concrete mix. You can increase dosage to increase air entrainment. 




Available in 1 gallon containers, 20 liter containers and 208 liter drums.