PRIMECURE R is a resin-based polymer that is emulsified to provide a plastic membrane in situ when applied and allowed to dry on the concrete surface.






PRIMECURE R is used as curing compound to aid concrete in attaining complete setting. The old methods that are used in concrete curing are: regular water spraying, covering with wet burlap, and the ponds system. All three methods require regular inspection of the placed concrete to ensure that the surface of the concrete has not dried up and to be able to water the concrete before it dries. These methods are not only impractical and time consuming, but are also costly, especially when the placed concrete is not wetted on time. The latter will lead to incorrect and improper setting, the consequence of which is uneven curing and eventual cracking of the concrete.

With a single spraying of PRIMECURE on placed concrete, there is no need for regular inspection as in the old method. The PRIMECURE treated concrete will attain its expected strength and setting is completed without further trouble. 



PRIMECURE is applied by brush or with a spray equipment. The sprayer must be clean and free from any oil or solvents before loading PRIMECURE. Apply immediately after the fresh concrete is slightly surface dry but not yet fully dry. 

For concrete that requires toppings or mortar grout, the use of PRIMECURE R is recommended to ensure adhesion between the grout and the applied cement surface. 



PRIMECURE has a coverage ranging from 5 to 7.5 square meters per liter depending on the porosity of the substrate. 



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Aside from being a curing agent, PRIMECURE also helps in hardening, dust-proofing and sealing the surface of concrete. It minimizes hairline cracks and spalling. The plastic membrane that is formed in PRIMECURE treated concrete provides a positive seal that eliminates the excessive loss of mixing water and permits proper hydration.